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2601.5680 Centurion (Stock and Made to Order) Sandal

An exceptionally high quality orthopaedic and therapeutic sandal. Made from only top grade leather. Available as a Stability Model Ex Stock in sizes 24-36 also available as a Made to Order product in all construction types. Included 3mm inlays to hold the foot in the correct anatomical position. Available in sizes 24-36 Stability Model Ex Stock and up to size 42 in all other construction types made to order and in 8 width fittings, plus 3 AFO widths.


2114.9800 McCartney (Stock and Made to Order)

These Hi Top Boots are exceptionally high quality orthopaedic and therapeutic touch and close fastening sports style boot. Made from only top-grade leather and materials, these support and protect feet, available as rehabilitation Construction ex Stock and our, stability, AFO, Reverse Last Construction made to Order and included 3mm inlays to hold the foot in the correct anatomical position. Available in sizes 24-42, 8 width fittings. Each pair are made to order to your exact specifications, meaning any adaptations - such as split sizes, split widths, or insoles - can be added at production. As these are made to order items, please allow 15-21 days after ordering for manufacture and delivery. All made to order items are non returnable. Adaptations can only be requested by a qualified medical professional.

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Rehabilitation, Stability, AFO, Reverse Last

Delivery date: 14 days
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Piedro Children's touch and close fastening Hi Tops exceptionally high quality orthopaedic / therapeutic footwear. Made from leather and nubuck, our Mid Top collection is available in sizes 24 – 42 EU (UK Child Size 8.5 to UK Adult Size 9). Available in all construction types, Rehabilitation, Stability, AFO and Reverse Last. This footwear features 3mm removable anatomical inlays / insoles which can be taken out to provide extra depth or replaced with custom inlays / insoles if required. The inlays provided, hold and support the foot in the correct anatomical position within the shoe. 

  • High quality children's mid top orthopaedic and therapeutic footwear - protects feet and provides the support needed.
  • Made from only high quality leathers and materials for longevity, breathability, comfort.
  • Include 3mm removable, anatomical insoles / inlays that hold feet in the correct position within the shoes. These insoles can be removed to provide additional shoe depth or to accommodate your own custom insoles / inlays.
  • Piedro Children's Lace-Up Mid Tops are available in sizes 24-42 EU (UK Child 8.5 to UK Adult 9), widths 2 1/2 - 8 1/2 .
  • Made to Order Models are Non-Returnable.


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