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2266.4502 - Freya (Rehabilitation Stock)

Freya Therapeutic footwear model is designed for children who need extra support from their footwear. Piedro shoes / boots are perfect for babies / toddlers and young children standing to walking. Made for the developing foot, toe walking / toe walkers, children with neuro-physiological problems, varus or valgus instability / instabilities, have painful or pressure sensitive feet or need to accommodate custom insoles or orthotics such as an ankle foot orthosis (AFO splint).They are available in sizes 18 to 26 and in 3 width fittings.


2303.5680. Jack (Rehabilitation Stock)

Jack is an exceptionally high quality orthopaedic and therapuetic lace-up footwear designed especially for younger children aged between 18 months to age 3.Perfect for supporting young children's developing feet as they learn to stand and become confident walkers.During this stage of your childs development is when various muscles, tendons and ligaments begin to develop and is also the time when problems can occur such as toe walking (equinus), pronation, bow leg (genu varum), knock knee (genu valgum) or in/out toeing happens.Piedro children's orthopaedic footwear are made from only the highest quality grade leathers, materials and components to support and protect feet.Our specialised Rehabilitation Construction features low and extended heel stiffeners, toe caps and heel cuffs to hold feet securely in place.Includes 3mm removable inlays to hold the foot in their correct anatomical position and help to promote a good posture and walking gait. Available in sizes 18-29, in 8 width fittings.

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