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Piedro International Head Office About Us

Based in The Netherlands, Piedro® International BV have been manufacturing specialist orthopaedic, therapeutic and fashion footwear for decades.  We have a team of dedicated experts who work tirelessly to create high quality, well fitting footwear that really supports feet and lasts.  We have now developed an extensive collection of both adult and children's orthopaedic and therapeutic footwear in sizes 15 to 49 and in up to 8 width fittings.  So if you need supportive footwear, extra depth, extra width, adaptations or need your shoes to accommodate orthotics such as an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) or insole / inlay you can be sure to find the perfect Piedro® pair.

Piedro® are a well established and respected brand in this specialist footwear market with customers including footwear retailers, distributors, private customers and hospitals / clinics worldwide.   In recent years we have seen a huge increase in demand for our footwear collections from countries all over the globe which has led us to establish offices in the UK and Asia.

Since Piedro® formed in 1957, our focus has always remained strongly on designing and making footwear that truly fits.  Not only in length but also in width and in models that are supportive, stylish and really comfortable to wear.  Over the years we have researched extensively and gained valuable experience to develop our own, unique and specialist orthopaedic footwear lasts.  We have developed efficient manufacturing processes and working relationships with our factories in Portugal and Spain to ensure production quality and consistency are maintained to the highest possible standards.  This also offers us the ability to adapt quickly to our customers requirements and also offer a personalised Piedro® touch, such as hand finishing.

Our two large warehouses are located at our Head Office in Bleiswijk and in Chesterfield UK,houses thousands of stock shoes, boots and sandals for the same day dispatch (for orders received before 3pm).  Our orthopaedic and therapeutic footwear ranges are exhaustive too with many styles available in numerous withs and sizes and in the different construction models such as Rehabilitation footwear, Stability Footwear, Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) footwear, Reverse Lasted Footwear and Multi-purpose footwear.

Piedro® Children's Orthopaedic Footwear are available in 5 construction styles and are available in sizes 15 to 46 with each model offering up to 8 width fittings.

Piedro Adult Orthopaedic Footwear includes both ladies and mens orthopaedic footwear and are available in deep, wide and diabetic specifications.  Available in sizes 3 to 13 (35 - 49 EU) including half sizes and again are offered in a wide variety of width fittings from narrow to XXX wide.

Almost all of our children and adults orthopaedic and diabetic footwear models are adaptable (can accommodate modifications such as heel raises, flares etc) and can also accommodate cusom made insoles / inlays.  Adaptations can be ordered at the same time as your footwear and be added at the point of manufacture for the best possible finish.

Each and every pair of Piedro® footwear are supplied with removable, anatomically correct inlays.  Designed to hold and support feet in their correct position, promoting good posture, a natural walking gait and healthy feet.

So, whatever your specialist footwear requirements are please get in touch or feel free to browse our collections.  Our customer services team would be happy to help you with your query.  We look forward to hearing from you.