What is Diabetic Footwear?

What is Diabetic Footwear?

Diabetic footwear are specially designed shoes or boots with minimal or seam free linings that aim to reduce the risk of rubbing, a cause of skin breakdown in diabetics. Their primary goal is to prevent foot complications which, can include ulcers or calluses that could lead to amputation for patients with diabetes and poor circulation.

Wearing the correct footwear is important for people with diabetes, even those in the early stages for protection and prevention. Wearing diabetic footwear is crucial for people with diabetic neuropathy or loss of sensation in the feet.

For people with diabetic neuropathy or a loss of foot sensation then it is hight recommended that diabetic shoes should fitted by a qualified individual such as an orthotist or podiatrist to ensure that they fit properly.  Through working with a medically qualified professional such as an orthotist many people can prevent diabetic foot complications occurring.

Usually you will also have a foot orthotic inside the shoe such as an insole, inlay, arch support or shoe filler for example. The foot orthotic and diabetic shoes work together to help prevent foot problems occurring and improve mobility and stability.

Objectives of Diabetic Footwear:

  • Prevent skin breakdowns such as blisters, calluses or foot ulcers
  • Provide extra depth and width
  • Relieve pressure areas
  • Reduce shock on the foot
  • Accommodate the foot correctly
  • Have removable insoles
  • Provide stability
  • Support any foot problems / foot deformities such as hammer toes or partial foot amputations
  • Relieve pain / decrease inflammation

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Illustration


Piedro® Diabetic Footwear

Piedro’s Diabetic footwear are specially designed shoes and boots to help reduce the risk of skin breakdown caused by rubbing and can lead to blisters, calluses or ulcers forming. Therefore protection of the diabetic foot is of the greatest importance, ensuring you have the right size and width for your feet.

Piedro® diabetic footwear are made from soft, high quality leathers and components. They provide extra depth and width as standard and are available in a variety of styles and colours.

  • Soft, high quality leathers
  • Minimal seams to prevent rubbing and foot sores
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Rocker sole unit – for a natural walking pattern
  • 6mm removable insole
  • Extra depth
  • Extra Width
  • Adaptable
  • Also suitable for arthritis / rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Men's and Ladies styles