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Freya is a Piedro Therapeutic footwear model; which is designed for children who need extra support from their footwear. Freya boots are perfect for babies / toddlers and young children standing to walking.Made for the developing foot, toe walking / toe walkers, children with neuro-physiological problems, varus or valgus instability / instabilities, have painful or pressure sensitive feet or need to accommodate custom insoles or orthotics.

  • Exceptionally high quality Children's Therapeutic and supportive footwear with rehabilitation stiffeners for premium foot support.
  • Includes extended medial and lateral stiffeners for optimal support and control for the growing / developing foot.
  • Include 3mm removable, anatomical inlays that hold feet in the correct position within the shoes. These can be removed to provide additional depth or to accommodate custom insoles / inlays or splints for example.
  • Recommended for children who need supportive footwear, low tone children, toe walkers, toe walking, cerebral palsy, foot instabilities or need to accommodate orthotics.
  • Piedro Nextstep Stars footwear models are available in sizes EU 18-29 and in 3 width fittings.