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Rehabilitation, Stability, AFO, Reverse Last

Delivery date: 14-21 days
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Piedro Children's Lace-up Sports Style Stability Hi Top boot. These are exceptionally high quality orthopaedic / therapeutic footwear.Made from leather and nubuck, these shoes support and protect your feet. Our Children's Hi Tops collection is available in sizes 26-42 EU (UK Child Size 8.5 to UK Adult Size 9), in widths 4 1/2 and 61/2 Stability Construction. Also available as Made to Order in All construction styles. This footwear features 3mm removable anatomical inlays / insoles which can be taken out to provide extra depth or replaced with custom inlays / insoles if required.The inlays provided, hold and support the foot in the correct anatomical position within the shoe. 

  • High quality children's orthopaedic and therapeutic Hi Tops with Stability Stiffeners - provides a high level of support for feet.
  • Made from only high quality leathers and materials for longevity, breathability, comfort.
  • Include 3mm removable, anatomical insoles / inlays that hold feet in the correct position within the shoes. These insoles can be removed to provide additional shoe depth or to accommodate your own custom insoles / inlays.
  • Piedro Children's Lace-up Sports Style Hi Tops are available in sizes 26-42 EU (UK Child size 8.5 to UK Adult size 9),  41/2 and 6 1/2 width fittings from stock and widths 2 1/2, 4 1/2, 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 made to order.
  • Available in Rehabilitation, Stability, AFO and Reverse Last Construction, Made to Order.
  • All made to order footwear is non returnable.