Hypermobility Issues

27 August 2019

In children with hyper mobility making informed footwear choices is extremely important. The structure of the footwear and the design can make a significant difference to people with hypermobility. Unstable ankles and overly flexible feet may benefit from greater control provided by the shoe or boot, and the positioning of the foot within footwear may be improved by the use of footbeds or insoles.

At Piedro we have endeavoured to provide footwear which is made from natural materials and which has inherently stronger stiffeners either side of the heel, these stiffeners are known as heel counters and are available in two formats, Rehabilitation (our standard form of construction) and Stability.

Our Stability stiffener offers a higher and elongated stiffener which is built into the footwear during its construction. Both forms of our footwear are much stronger than regular high street brands. These stronger heel counters offer greater stability and combined with our robust leather uppers, leather linings and lace or velcro fastenings, help control and support the midfoot.

All of our orthopaedic range of footwear contains pre-shaped footbeds which assist in the support of the mid foot, these can be replaced with a range of stock insoles for extra support, should they be required.

Piedro footwear also offers you current styling throughout our ranges.

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