Increase in our stock holding drastically improves delivery times!!

09 January 2019

Piedro Customer Services recently received this e-mail from a paediatric physiotherapist who had tested our new delovery processes and found them to have changed drastically!

"I am not sure if you remember me but I met you at the APCP conference in Manchester and we had a conversation about waiting times for Piedro boots. At that time it had taken 9-10 weeks to receive Piedro boots and we had started to use another company as they were quicker and not necessarily better.


You set a challenge that day and said you could turn around and send out a pair of boots to me in 10 days. I came back to the hospital, made sure our process from ordering to authorisation at our end was working effectively and I sent off my order…………… 9 days later!!!! Shoes were in – I collected and child had them on, on day 10!


Since this time we have returned to ordering with Piedro and I have to say the wait has massively reduced, it has made a huge difference my end". 

 Thank you very much.

Piedro, working with you.

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