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2392.0097 - Ellie (Rehabilitation Stock)

Piedro Children's T-Bar Shoes are exceptionally high quality orthopaedic / therapeutic footwear. Ellie is made from patent leather, these shoes support and protect little feet. Our Nextstep T-Bar Shoe collection is available in sizes 20-28 EU (UK Child Size 4 to UK Child Size 10). This footwear features 3mm removable anatomical inlays / insoles which can be taken out to provide extra depth or replaced with custom inlays / insoles if required.The inlays provided, hold and support the foot in the correct anatomical position within the shoe.

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Mia is a Therapeutic footwear model; which is designed for children who need extra support from their footwear.Firststep shoes / boots are perfect for babies / toddlers and young children standing to walking.Made for the developing foot, toe walking / toe walkers, children with neuro-physiological problems, varus or valgus instability / instabilities, have painful or pressure sensitive feet or need to accommodate custom insoles or orthotics such as an ankle foot orthosis (AFO splint).They are available in sizes 18 to 26 and in three width fittings.

  • Exceptionally high quality Children's Therapeutic and supportive footwear with rehabilitation stiffeners for premium foot support.
  • Includes extended medial and lateral stiffeners for optimal support and control for the growing / developing foot.
  • Include 3mm removable, anatomical inlays that hold feet in the correct position within the shoes. These can be removed to provide additional depth or to accommodate custom insoles.
  • Recommended for children who need supportive footwear, low tone children, toe walkers, toe walking, cerebral palsy, foot instabilities or need to accommodate orthotics.
  • Piedro Nextstep Stars footwear models are available in sizes EU 18-26, and in 3 width fittings.