Piedro Stock Footwear

Piedro® Stock Footwear collection incorporates all of our expertise in orthopaedic, therapuetic and supportive footwear. Select from our most popular Construction Styles, a multitude of sizes, and in up to 8 width fittings! From boots to sandals, full of fun and practical designs, our Piedro® Essentials collection has the perfect shoe for any needs!

To find out how to measure for our Stock footwear please view our News page and follow the link to the YouTube video explaining the process.

For more information on the different Construction Styles, including detailed construction images and indications for use, please click here.

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2980.9805 - Princess (Reverse Last Stock)

Princess is a Reverse Lasted correction boot. It is designed to correct feet with extreme varus and/or forefoot adduction.


Copy of 2133.9800 - Courtney (Stability Stock and Made to Order)

Piedro Children's Stability Sports Style Hi Top Boot. These are exceptionally high quality orthopaedic / therapeutic footwear. Made from leather and nubuck. Our Children's Hi Tops model is available in Stability Construction, sizes 26-42 EU (UK Child Size 8.5 to UK Adult Size 9), in 2 width fittings, from Stock. Also available in sizes 24 - 36 widths 2 1/2 to 8 1/2 Made to Order. Quartz can be made in all Construction styles as a Made to Order Model This footwear features 3mm removable anatomical inlays / insoles which can be taken out to provide extra depth or replaced with custom inlays / insoles if required. The inlays provided, hold and support the foot in the correct anatomical position within the shoe.


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