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2342.9885 - Evan (Stock and Made to Order))

Evan is exceptionally high quality orthopaedic and therapeutic boot designed especially for younger children aged between 18 months to age 3.Perfect for supporting young children's developing feet as they learn to stand and become confident walkers.Piedro children's orthopaedic footwear are made from only the highest quality grade leathers, materials and components to support and protect feet.Our specialised Rehabilitation Construction features low and extended heel stiffeners, toe caps and heel cuffs to hold feet securely in place.Includes 3mm removable inlays to hold the foot in their correct anatomical position and help to promote a good posture and walking gait. Available in sizes 18-29, in 3 width fittings.

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Part of our Firststeps Collection, Westie are exceptionally high quality orthopaedic and therapuetic Velcro shoes. Made from only top grade leather and materials, shoes support and protect the tiniest of feet, using our specialised Rehabilitation Construction to hold the foot in the correct anatomical position. Available in sizes 15-21, 2 width fittings and 4 colour combinations, featuring a contrasting side stripe detail. Each pair of Piedro� Made to Order Shoes are made to your exact specifications, meaning any adaptations - such as split sizes, split widths, or insoles - can be added at production. As these are made to order items, please allow 14-21 after ordering for manufacture and delivery.

  • Piedro Concepts footwear (model 2301) are designed for low-tone children, premature babies, toe walkers, for children who need additional foot control and support or for parents who want the best quality, best fitting and supportive footwear for their children.
  • Our Rehabilitation construction models also feature built in low stiffeners around the heel, ankle, malleoli, toe cap and forefoot for exceptional foot support.
  • Our Piedro footwear includes 3mm (removable) inlays that support and hold feet in their correct anatomical position.
  • Available in sizes 15 ? 21 and in two width fittings ? width 3 Narrow and width 5 Wide.
  • Each pair of Piedro� Westie are made to order to your exact specifications, - size and width, therefore please allow 15-21 days after ordering for manufacture and delivery.
  • Made to order footwear is non returnable
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